Bollywood Dance on DVD

Our instructional DVDs will make you dance like an Indian film star in your home!

The dances have been choreographed by MEISSOUN and offer a wide variety of typical Bollywood dance movements which express the music as well as the lyrics of the song.

All hand gestures and steps are first explained one by one, then joined in short sequences and finally the entire choreography. The movements are shown from the front and the back to allow you to dance along easily.

The material for these DVDs has been filmed with 2 cameras and good lighting, the sound has been re-recorded for good quality.

The DVDs close with a performance by MEISSOUN, filmed in Bollywood style.

The DVDs contain a German, English, French and Swiss German version plus the choreography notes and a translation of the lyrics as printable PDF file.



Aaja Soniya from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

A Bollywood party number with Bhangra elements. In this song, a man and a woman are flirting together.
The choreography is suitable for both men and women. No prior experience needed.

Total running time: about 1 hour.

Price: CHF 15.- / € 15.- / US$ 15.-

The Song "Aaja Soniya" can also be bought from iTunes Store.






Ghagra from Kurukshetra

Typical night club dancer item with many elements from classical Indian dances.
This choreography contains various spins, turns and fast step combinations. It's therefore intended for students who already are used to learning movements and choreographies.
This is not a beginners DVD!

Total running time: about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Price: CHF 20.- / € 20.- / US$ 20.-

The song "Ghagra" can be bought from iTunes Store.







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