As MEISSOUN currently teaches mostly in the German/French speaking parts of Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France) there is only a German version of the workshop dates list available.

However, MEISSOUN has travelled all over Europe and to the USA and Canada several times to perform and teach and will do so in the future.

If you would like to organize workshops for Bollywood Dance, Dandiya, Bollywood Party Dance or Bhangra with MEISSOUN please send an e-mail to:

These workshops are suitable for all men and women interested in dancing, there is no need for previous dance training.

Bollywood Dance

Would you like to be able to dance like the stars in the Bollywood films? MEISSOUN teaches typical dance moves in choreographies from popular films.

They are a mix of movements from folklore, classical Indian dances and modern Western styles.




Bhangra music is fun and full of energy. And it is becoming more and more popular in the West. Bhangra basically was a men's dance that was done during harvest celebrations.

But nowadays it's something that everyone can do, anytime.

MEISSOUN gives you an introduction into this dance style - so that you can hop with joy the next time when the dhol drum is calling for you!


Dandiya Raas

Dandiya is a popular Gujarati folk dance for men an women.

It's danced in 2 circles, hitting each others stick. There is also a stage form where changing formations are danced.

MEISSOUN teaches the basic movements as well as combinations and group choreographies.


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